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Field Work Term (FWT) is a thrilling part of a Bennington education. Every year from early January to mid-February, you’ll head out to explore your interests in the world of work. Like most great adventures, it takes preparation to make it a success. As such, the Field Work Term and Career Development Office (FWT & CDO) staff encourage you to start planning for FWT early. Below are some tips to get you thinking about, and planning for, your first FWT.

  • Think about what experiences you might like to have or what you would like to learn during your first FWT.
  • Prepare a clear and concise resume reflecting your work and educational experiences. The FWT & CDO staff can review your resume before you arrive on campus. Just email us a draft.
  • Begin to network by talking with people about FWT. Ask them what kind of work they do and if they know of anyone who might be interested in having a winter intern.
  • Over the summer or once you’re at Bennington, schedule a meeting with FWT & CDO staff who can help you with anything from polishing your resume, to brainstorming and securing FWT positions, to introducing you to all the FWT resources.
  • Leave room in your fall schedule to attend ongoing FWT workshops designed to help you navigate the steps required for securing your first FWT position.

The FWT & CDO staff looks forward to helping you make your first FWT a fantastic experience. Contact us anytime, including during the summer, if you have questions or need assistance with your FWT planning. We look forward to working with you.


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