Maliha Ali ’15 Wins Projects for Peace Grant

Apr 20, 2012

Maliha Ali ’15 has earned a $10,000 grant from the Davis United World Scholars Projects for Peace program to design and implement a public action project in her native Pakistan.

Ali will spend six weeks at a low-income area school in Karachi, Pakistan, conducting a “community action workshop” with students in grades eight through 10. For the first three weeks, Ali will help the students to educate themselves on the various issues facing their community, and to identify one problem in particular that they would like to address. The group will spend the following three weeks identifying causes, designing solutions, and working with local experts and community leaders to implement change.

“The goal is to help students learn that there are ways to think and act that they may not have thought of before, and therefore, enable them to be creative, active and responsible members of their communities who can identify a problem, the process of its solution and then become part of that process.”

For more on Ali’s project, click here. 

The Projects for Peace initiative was started in 2007 by philanthropist Kathryn Wasserman Davis, when, in celebration of her 100th birthday, she funded 100 Projects for Peace. She is now 105 years old.