Bennington Banner Highlights New Campus Sustainability Initiatives

Sep 15, 2010
Bennington's campus bike share program, public transportation stop, and student-run organic garden are a few of the new sustainability initiatives that were highlighted last week by the Bennington Banner.

In an article that declared, "On campus, sustainability is the word," the Banner pointed out "There's also a lot of change happening at the campus Dining Hall," citing new waste reduction and water conservation policies, and a labeling program that identifies food that is local, organic, or produced using ethical farming practices for the farmer and the farm.

"These are all things people can opt into in small ways and feel like they have a part in a larger initiative," said Eva Chatterjee-Sutton, Bennington's dean of students.

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Bennington's commitment to the environment was recognized last spring by the Princeton Review, which lauded the new biomass heating system and expanded environmental studies curriculum in its first ever Guide to 286 Green Colleges.

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