Alumni-Owned Theater Earns Praise in NYT

Jun 04, 2010
Alumni Sheila Lewandowski ’97 and Brian Rogers ’95 were the focus of a recent New York Times piece lauding their management of the award-winning Chocolate Factory Theater in New York.

Co-founded and run by the couple since 2003, the nonprofit performance space won a 2009 Obie Award for off-Broadway artists and productions, and recently earned a $20,000 grant from the National Endowment of the Arts.

Kate D. Levin, commissioner of New York City’s Cultural Affairs Department, said Rogers and Lewandowski “have a very canny way of understanding how culture fits into the imaginative and social lives of audience members.”

The Times called the venue “a leader among a new generation of scrappy, homespun artist-run spaces ... the spiritual heir to bigger, more entrenched institutions like Dance Theater Workshop.”

For the entire Times article, click here.