The Village Voice Lauds the Work of Five Bennington Artists

Jan 04, 2008

In a review in the December 18, 2007 issue of The Village Voice, dance critic Deborah Jowitt opens with a description of former Bennington guest artist Jennifer Nugent and recent alumnus Paul Matteson MFA’07. She writes, Nugent is a “strong, long-bodied space-eater who moves with a lavish plasticity,” and Matteson “slim, loose, and wily.” All in all: “He’s syrup; she’s honey.”

The Village Voice was reviewing Nugent and Matteson’s latest performance, Saints Smoother Swans, a duet choreographed by dance faculty member Terry Creach. Also reviewed was Temper Please, a performance that featured Eva Schmidt ’06 among the dancers , and an “effective soundscore” by Jake Meginsky MFA ’07.

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