Ray Stevens

Coordinator of Work Learning Opportunities

raystevens.jpgRay oversees a three-part structure for work-integrated learning at Bennington, in which campus employment and community internships are seen as essential vehicles for learning through the world of work. She manages all processes of on/off campus student employment, including: outreach and training to students and their supervisors, coordinating the Federal Work Study program, identifying off-campus jobs, and hosting events for students to connect and network with off-campus employment opportunities. She provides one-on-one advising for students seeking campus employment, bookable here.

A graduate from the class of 2015, Ray spent the 2015-2016 year as a Kilpatrick Fellow in the President’s Office, participating in strategic planning for the College. During her time as a Bennington student, she developed on-campus conflict resolution clinics and helped to plan and implement campus-wide Town Halls. During her Field Work Terms, she supplied state representatives with education policy research in the Vermont Legislature and designed and taught new creative writing curriculum for the Quantum Leap Program at Mt. Anthony Union High School.