• Work in advance with your academic advisor and the Dean's Office to receive approval for the courses to be taken elsewhere as part of your degree program/academic plan.
  • If you wish to use federal and state aid funds to help pay for the term away, you must complete the consortium/contractual agreement. You will need time to gather signatures from various offices at Bennington.
  • Discuss the financial impact of your term away with those helping you pay college bills. Bennington merit aid/grant aid, work-study, and Bennington loans cannot be utilized for a consortium study abroad.
  • Once your completed consortium/contractual agreement is received by the Financial Aid Office, your aid award for the term or year away will be calculated, and a copy sent to you or your family. Bennington will send aid funds to your study program after all paperwork, including the registration verification, is complete.
  • If you decide, once you are away for a term, to extend your period of study at the other program for an additional term, you will need to apply for an extension through the Dean's Office. In addition, a new consortium/contractual agreement addressing the additional term will be needed.