Course Offered

Spanish/French Language and Culture Online: Every culture has important concepts that are embodied in its literature, films, paintings and other texts. These concepts are shaped by the culture, its relations with other cultures, and its history. In this class, students learn about an important concept from the culture studied as well as how to communicate about that concept. Students also analyze their experiences in order to apply what they learn to their teaching.

Dates Offered

  • August 31, 2011–May 15, 2012
  • Five-week vacation mid-December to mid-January
  • Two-week vacation in Spring 2012
  • Weekly workload averages 5–6½ hours per week


Courses are taught by Bennington College faculty.

Technology Needs

A computer with broadband Internet access and a web browser. For a browser we recommend Firefox 3 or higher and Internet Explorer 7 or higher.


Three graduate credits. Credits earned at Bennington College are transferable only at the discretion of the receiving school. Enrollment is based on language level and availability. Prerequisite: A target language proficiency level of Intermediate–High or above. Contact us for more information.

2011–2012 Fees

Tuition (3 graduate credits): $1,545
Registration: $60
TOTAL: $1,605

For more information, contact Aubrey Restifo at 802-440-4710 or