Office of Student Life
x4330 or 802‐440-4330 from off campus

Signups due by Wednesday, August 17, 4:00 pm. Cancellations received after August 17 are nonrefundable.


Campus departure from flagpole
Train Station (arrivals meet in the lobby in front of the post office)
Bus Station (arrivals meet in the lobby by the restaurant)
Airport (arrivals meet at the bottom of escalator before baggage claim)

To Bennington College from Albany

Sunday, August 28 (houses open for returning students at noon)

8:50 am
9:10 am
9:30 am

11:20 am
11:40 am
12:00 pm (noon)

4:00 pm
4:25 pm
4:45 pm

8:00 pm
8:25 pm
9:00 pm

Monday, August 29

2:00 pm
2:25 pm
2:45 pm

7:00 pm
7:20 pm
7:45 pm