General Guidelines for Use

  • The Recreation Barn is open to all members of the Bennington College community, who must present a College ID to use the facility. Students may bring guests on the condition that they remain with the guest at all times. Guests must also sign in by scanning one of the designated "guest" IDs obtained from the MRB monitor.
  • For liability reasons, the Recreation Barn is not available to children under 14, and anyone between the ages of 14 and 18 must be accompanied by a guardian.
  • Appropriate athletic attire, shirts, and shoes are required. Black-soled shoes are not permitted in the aerobics room.
  • Sports and recreational equipment, including basketballs and soccer balls, are available for use and may be borrowed for up to 24 hours. If equipment is lost, the borrower will be billed for the cost of equipment and borrowing privileges will be revoked.
  • Anyone who does not comply with these guidelines may have his/her privilege to use the facility and/or equipment revoked.

Other Information

  • Use of Equipment: Each user of mechanized and/or weight equipment must be trained in its proper use by a monitor. If it appears that a piece of equipment is not being used properly, either the use must be discontinued or the user must receive proper training. Any person lifting free weights must use collars on the weight bars and return the weights to the racks. No free weights may leave the facility.
  • Outing Club Equipment Rentals: The Outing Club has outdoor equipment available for student rental for local personal trips. This equipment includes sleeping bags, sleeping pads, backpacks, camp stoves, and various other camping equipment. There is a member and non-member rental fee for each item. Students renting equipment are responsible for its appropriate use, and returning the items in good condition at the set return time. The price list is posted at the Meyer Recreation Barn, on the Outing Club equipment closet door. The person renting will need to pay the fee —if they do not, the equipment does not go out. For more information or to rent equipment, contact Andrew Wu, assistant director of Student Life, at x4455.
  • Climbing Wall: Anyone using the climbing wall must first fill out an insurance liability waiver form, which will be kept at the monitor's desk. Bouldering below the blue line can be done any time the Meyer Recreation Barn is open. To climb above the blue line (with harness and rope) you must come during "Open Wall Hours," which are Sunday - Thursday, 7:00 - 9:00 pm. The blue bouldering line indicates the height to which someone may climb without using ropes; however, a spotter is recommended for safety purposes. When climbing without ropes, climber's shoulders must not cross the blue bouldering line. Those climbing above this line must be belayed, only after passing a belaying test. Belay test records will be kept at the monitor's desk.
  • Aerobics Room: This room may be reserved, through the monitor, for nonacademic use. The walls are mirrored and the space may be used for a variety of activities, such as student athletic clubs.
  • Sauna: Manufacturer's guidelines for use are posted and must be followed. For sanitary and public health reasons, clothing or covering must be worn. Monitors will be responsible for checking the sauna.
  • Videos/TV: The Rec Barn offers a variety of videos and DVDs that are available to be viewed at the Fitness Center ONLY. In order to sign out either a movie to be watched upstairs or a workout video for the aerobics room, please check in with the student monitor and sign out the movie at the desk. Bring your own headphones to utilize the CardioTheater system, offering satellite television and music on the cardio deck.