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Field Work Term Overview

Field Work Term (FWT) is one of the most exciting aspects of a Bennington education. It has been a central part of the Bennington program since the College opened in 1932. This term provides students with an opportunity to explore connections among their academic experiences, personal interests, and the world of work. Each year during January and February all students spend seven weeks off campus working in a job or internship that expands their academic studies and enriches their individual development. Students work in a variety of fields and geographic locations pursuing passions begun or developed at Bennington. FWT positions vary widely in form and focus in order to meet the needs of individual students and are designed to allow students to forge professional connections and to deepen their knowledge through practice. During FWT, students learn what it means to take increasing responsibility for their education, their work, and their lives.

FWT is an opportunity to:

  • Gain hands-on experience in a potential profession
  • Deepen your academics through field-based learning
  • Live the transition from student to employee
  • Practice and build professional skills
  • Increase contacts in an industry of interest
  • Identify what naturally motivates you in a work environment
  • Explore how to inspire yourself to do great work
  • Recognize how an organization fits into a global community
  • Contribute as a member of the working world

Field Work Term and the Plan Process

FWT experiences are a fantastic opportunity to translate theory into practice and to stretch out of the comfort zone of a classroom into the dynamic unknown of the working world. One of the best ways to maximize this opportunity is to think about how each FWT will integrate with your Academic Plan and will build upon both prior FWT experience(s) and your coursework. In other words, think of all your FWTs as a continuum of learning that help generate momentum towards your academic and professional objectives. Although everyone’s FWT path is a bit unique, the following suggestions are designed to help you think about how to integrate FWT into your Plan Process and get the most out of your Bennington education.

FWT-student: Planning Guide

  • Your First Year

  • Your Second and Third Years

  • Your Final Year

  • Top Five FWT Planning Tips

  • FWT Planning Timeline

  • FWT Housing

  • Financing FWT