Bennington College provides the following dining options for staff: the Commons Dining Hall and the Snack Bar Café (the Café is located in the Student Center). The Commons Dining Hall provides a selection of hot entrees every day in a traditional, cafeteria-style facility that is open during regular meal plan hours with six dining areas including an outdoor deck. Several food venues and themes are offered to accommodate various diets. There is a hot food line, wok station, salad and vegan bar, deli bar, ice cream bar, fruit and yogurt station as well as soup and pasta.

The Dining Hall staff will make every effort to accommodate individuals with various food allergies, either by directing them to the foods allowed, or by preparing suitable alternatives. The Student Center Snack Bar Café and Convenience Store offers patrons a variety of venues and options. The Café has grill, deli, soup, salad, and pizza options as well as many beverage choices. For those patrons with busy schedules, there is also an express option offering various pre-made sandwiches, salads, sides and beverages.

The College offers the following staff lunch plan options:

  • The traditional staff lunch plan offers lunch Monday–Friday in the Commons Dining Hall only from the first Monday of term through the last Friday of term. Meal plans are nontransferrable. Unused meals expire at the end of the lunch period each day. The cost is $234 per term. The Bennington Card is required for lunch plan access. Please note that we do not allow the removal of food or beverages from the Dining Hall. Any removal of food may result in loss of dining privileges. A payroll deduction for installment payments is available for the traditional staff lunch plan. Payment can also be made in cash or by check.
  • The Punch Card plan can be used for lunch in the Dining Hall or unit lunch in Snack Bar Café. Punches can be used any day of the week including weekends, any time of the year. Punches do not expire and can be purchased as needed in increments of 10 punches ($5.50 per punch). The cost is $55 for 10 punches. Payment can be made in cash or by check.

To enroll in a meal plan, please complete the Staff Lunch Plan Form and visit the Bookstore to complete the enrollment process. Staff and guests are also able to use cash to purchase meals on a daily basis.

Hours of Operation

Generally, lunch is offered in the Dining Hall and the Snack Bar Express, Monday–Friday 11:30 am–1:30 pm, during the academic term. Typically the Student Center is open from 9:00 am–midnight during the academic term. During nonacademic times, the hours for the Dining Hall and Snack Bar vary so it is best to check hours on the website.