“Bennington provided an ideal community for the nonstandard applicant to medical school with diverse interests.”


University of Vermont School of Medicine '11

“Who could predict this crazy path? I started my college career as a dance major with hopes of performing in companies touring the country. From there I explored psychology and landed in the abstract and analytic world of philosophy. The advent of 9/11 threw my perspective entirely—I volunteered at Ground Zero, working to provide respite to emergency workers through the American Red Cross, leaving my academics behind entirely for six weeks. I became involved with wilderness and urban search and rescue and from there was finally introduced to the medical field as I pursued the position of medic on our teams. My philosophic work turned to ethics and philanthropy and I welcomed experience in medicine at every opportunity. When I finally decided on this career, I sought Bennington to provide the foundation.

“Bennington’s postbaccalaureate premedical program provided me not only the basic scientific knowledge to pursue a career in medicine but also a more global perspective as I approached my new profession. I felt supported as a nonstandard applicant to medical school—my varied interest was wholeheartedly supported by the Bennington community. I was provided the opportunity and encouragement to explore new avenues in medicine and science alike—field work term allowed me to both become a wilderness EMT through the NOLS program and the following year to travel to South Africa and experience medicine in the post-apartheid communities of Cape Flats. I elected to participate in supplemental courses in sustainable design and neuropsychiatry, both of which continue to provide me inspiration in both my work and my life.

“Bennington provided me an incredibly solid foundation and preparation for medical school. Not only did I feel prepared with my knowledge of the basic sciences, but I was intimately known by the faculty supporting my admission and providing me guidance in my choices in medical schools. Bennington supported me through a profound transition from an artistic, analytic mind frame to one that incorporates the scientific process and a global outlook. As I have progressed through medical school and into residency, I feel like an incredibly well rounded member of the world of pediatric medicine. I have continued my pursuit of global medical practice in Uganda and will continue travel to Africa as a medical practitioner. I have incorporated my love of ethics into my work as I learn to become a pediatrician specializing in child abuse medicine. My love of the arts continues to be pervasive through my work and something that was always reinforced while I studied at Bennington College.

“I owe a debt of gratitude to Bennington College for the provision of a sound scientific foundation and inspiration to love the field of science. The environment was perfect for me as the community is one of devotion to the arts and sciences alike. Bennington provided for me an ideal community for the nonstandard applicant to medical school with diverse interests. It is a beautiful community with which to interact and from which to emerge a scientist with a global perspective.”