When starting college, there is a great deal of transitional support. Bennington, like most colleges, has an extensive orientation program and structures in place to help students adjust to their lives as college students. Transitioning from “college student” to “adult at large” can be a more daunting leap with fewer support structures in place.

In order to help graduating seniors prepare for the next step, the offices of Field Work Term & Career Development, Student Life, and Institutional Advancement collaboratively design a Senior Conference each year. All graduating seniors (including next year’s anticipated December graduates) are invited to return from FWT a few days early for a program designed to help them make the most of their spring term and prepare for life after college.

A few highlights planned for this year include workshops and panel discussions on money management, grant writing, acquiring and paying for health care, and graduate school. Additionally, there will be a number of alumni and friends of Bennington talking with students about different fields of work.

Students unable to attend Senior Conference (and those who did) can always stop by the FWT & CDO to meet with a career counselor or get information from the conference programs. Although there is only one chance to attend Senior Conference, Bennington offers individual career counseling and access to job postings to alumni (free of charge) for life. For more information, click here.