Where should students be with FWT?

With the November 22 registration deadline approaching, the upcoming “Long Weekend” is a great time for students to check in on their progress towards securing a Field Work Term position. While each job search progresses at its own pace, students should be sure that they are providing their organizations of interest with a reasonable amount of time to respond, while also leaving time for themselves to make a decision.

The search for a Field Work Term job, like any job search, is an active and continuous process. Students should be regularly seeking, applying to, and following up with organizations of interest. At any given time, a student may have an interview scheduled with one organizations, be sending out an application to two others, following up with the three applications they submitted last week, and researching new opportunities to consider. The process should continue until the student has secured a job--at which point, they should notify all other organizations that they are withdrawing their application from consideration.

By now, students should have identified a number of places of interest, sent resumes and cover letters, and followed up with a phone call or e-mail to places that did not acknowledged receipt. Long Weekend is a good time to schedule interviews, and in some cases, travel to visit organizations and meet potential supervisors in person.

What if your son or daughter is not exactly on track?

It is still of course possible to secure a Field Work Term position by the November 22 deadline; it may just take a more concentrated effort. If students need help getting started, identifying opportunities, writing cover letters, or following up with sites, they should stop by Commons during our daily walk-in hours, or set up an appointment to meet with a FWT & CDO staff member or Peer Advisor. We continue to post new opportunities throughout the fall term, and can also help students better strategize their search.

What happens if a student registers after the deadline?

Registering after the November 22 deadline does not constitute a failed Field Work Term. The potential consequences of late registration are outlined in the FWT Handbook. Students who anticipate that they will be registering late should be in touch with our office. If it seems that the student may need some specific guidance, the counselor may choose to put the student on a “check-in schedule,” which is an agreement in which the student follows up with our office as directed.

As parents, you can be helpful by reminding students of deadlines, and helping them to recognize that finding a job is not something that is easily done in the last minute. If they are struggling, encourage them to meet with a counselor in our office. We have appointment times and open “walk-in” times daily.