On 117th Birthday, Martha Graham Dances Across Google’s Homepage

May 11, 2011
In the 1930s and 40s, Bennington School of the Dance founding faculty member Martha Graham changed the face of modern dance.

May 11, on what would be her 117th birthday, the undisputed mother of modern dance changed the face of the world's leading search engine: Google.

Visitors to Google today will find an animated Graham, leaping and swirling in the very style that she invented, the trails left by her limbs spelling out the search engine's name (watch the animation by artist Ryan Woodward here).

Graham fist came to Bennington in 1934, and through 1946, she taught Bennington dancers both at her New York studio and the Bennington School of the Dance, where, in 1940, she debuted her groundbreaking dance piece Letter to the World.