Faculty Member Mansour Farhang Keynotes National Security Conference

Apr 14, 2009

Faculty member Mansour Farhang delivered a keynote address on "Iran's Nuclear Ambition" at a recent colloquium on "Alternative Energy—A National Security Issue," at Wayne State University.

"The political life of Iran in the 20th century provides an understanding of the anxieties and opportunities that have motivated the country's 40-year-old pursuit of the nuclear option," Farhang said. "Economic sanctions and United Nations Security Council resolutions are unlikely to persuade Iran to give up its goal. Only talks between Washington and Tehran with the purpose of ending their 30-year-old estrangement can result, as part of a grand bargain, in a verifiable limitation or temporary suspension of Iran's uranium enrichment."

Farhang, former Iranian Ambassador to the UN, is Bennington's Catharine Osgood Foster Chair for Distinguished Teaching. He has taught at the College since 1983.