The New York Times Features Bennington's Field Work Term

Jan 08, 2008

Bennington’s seven-week, off-campus winter term called Field Work Term, was highlighted this week in the Sunday, January 6, 2008 The New York Times Education Life article “Five Colleges Where Work Counts.”

Field Work Term has been an integral part of a Bennington education since 1932. Each year, in January and February all Bennington students take their interests to the world beyond Bennington, where they pursue jobs and internships in areas that complement their studies—in fields ranging from publishing to politics, from arts administration to teaching, from medical research to social work.

In addition to Bennington, the Times includes four other institutions that have added a work component to their curriculum. The Times cites that connecting course work with field work is a growing trend with “more than 125 institutions requiring a dip into the workforce…” and “at least a dozen mandating it for every full-time graduate.”

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