Before You Submit Your Event

  • You must reserve your space with the appropriate coordinator.
  • Consult with the Dean's Office regarding fair-use guidelines, for film showings and other events involving the use of copyrighted materials.
  • Events submitted by Tuesday morning each week will be posted to the website calendar, as best we can, within two business days (Monday–Friday) and considered for College Week for the following week. If you are submitting later than Tuesday morning and want to be considered for College Week, please also send directly to by Thursday at noon. If you would also like your event considered for announcement in Coffee-Hour Minutes, please send directly to by Thursday at 9:00 pm. Please make sure submissions are brief. All events will be formatted to fit into a calendar (date, time, location) and submissions are subject to editing and delay if we do not have complete information.

Contact Information

We will contact you if we have questions about this submission and/or need further information and a more in-depth description. The contact for the event will be the main office associated with the event (i.e., alumni relations, student life, visual arts, and so on).

Type of Event

Type of Event

Event Information

Is this event open to only the Bennington College community?

Does this event last all day?

(if not an all-day event)
(if not an all-day event)
(if this event occurs more than once, please explain)
(please be specific, e.g. Martha Hill rather than VAPA)
(50 words/500 characters or less)
Note: Submissions may be edited to conform to calendar style guidelines.