Your campus email address is the primary way we communicate with you, so please check it often.


Where Should I Bring My...

  • Used books: Bring your used books to the Bookstore for buy-backs on weekdays Monday–Friday, December 7–11, 9:00 am–5:00 pm.
  • Library items: Return or renew all Crossett and Jennings library material by Friday, December 11. But don’t forget, you are encouraged to borrow items over FWT.
  • Telephone: If you have telephone service, it will be disconnected and your voicemail account will be deleted on Monday, December 14. Leave the telephone in your room in good condition.
  • Trash: Put all trash in plastic bags before bringing it to a dumpster. Dumpsters will be at the end of First Street between Stokes and Franklin, at the end of Second Street between Bingham and Welling, in the driveway on the backside of Sawtell, and in the roadway outside of Paris-Borden. Free piles are not permitted in any of the houses. If you leave items in common areas over the last week of term it will be considered trash, and it will be removed to ensure that common areas remain clean. Houses will be charged for removal of excess trash.
  • Donations: Six Bank Street in North Bennington accepts donations of household items in good condition, shoes, jeans, bedding, jackets, and nonperishable food items. Second Chance Animal Shelter in Shaftsbury, VT, accepts cleaning supplies, towels, toys, and other items listed here. The Goodwill is located on North Street in Bennington, and accepts donations at their back entrance. Students are responsible for transporting their items. 
  • Sports equipment: All sports and recreation equipment checked out for student use must be returned by Wednesday, December 2. Students will be billed for any lost or damaged equipment after this point, and equipment not returned by the deadline will be considered lost.
  • Dishes, silverware, etc.: Return all Dining Hall items to the Dining Hall. If you need assistance, contact Dining Services (x4436) by 2:00 pm on Wednesday, December 2, to make an appointment. Any items that have not been returned will be charged to the house.

How Do I Send Packages at the End of Term?

  • Big packages less than 30 pounds: If you wish to ship items weighing less than 30 pounds, tape them closed and address them to yourself or your parents at your home address, with your College address as the return address. Please note that the Campus Post Office can only accept cash or checks—there is no way for us to take a credit, debit, or Bennington Card for payment. Pre-labeled packages for UPS or FedEx may be dropped off at the Post Office as well.
  • Big packages more than 30 pounds: Students wishing to ship items weighing more than 30 pounds may do so by contacting the Shipping and Receiving Department (located in the Buildings and Grounds building) Monday–Friday, 8:00 am–3:00 pm. Students are responsible for packing and obtaining their own boxes. Boxes will be weighed and measured to determine the exact cost, and payment must be provided in full and paid in cash only before a request for pickup is made. Building and Grounds ships through UPS, which can only accept packages weighing less than 150 pounds and measuring less than 130 inches in total area. For additional information, contact Buildings and Grounds (x4584).

Where Will My Mail Go During FWT?

  • Regular mail: Over FWT, all first-class mail sent to the College will be forwarded to students’ home addresses. Please be aware that the turnaround time for mail-forwarding may be up to a week; students should contact any organization that generates bills, and have time-sensitive materials forwarded to your home address directly.
  • Packages, Netflix discs, magazines, and other mail of this nature will not be forwarded unless students leave money at the Post Office before leaving campus to cover these costs. Any student staying on campus or living locally during FWT should inform the Post Office before you leave in December in order to have a mailbox here and to stop your mail from being forwarded. If you have any questions, please call x4433.