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Landing a Job on Campus

Student Employment (steps)

  • Step 1: View Campus Job Postings

  • Step 2: Complete Student Employment Application

  • Step 3: Apply for Job(s)

  • Step 4: Meet with Employment Coordinator

  • Step 5: Fill Out Required Federal Forms

  • Step 6: Complete a Payroll Authorization Form

Campus Employment FAQs

Student Employment (FAQs)

  • How many jobs may I apply for?

  • Can I have more than one job?

  • What is the hourly rate of pay?

  • How many hours can I work?

  • How do I get paid?

  • Can I work if I'm not Federal Work-Study (FWS) eligible?

  • Can I do Federal Work Study (FWS) during Field Work Term (FWT)?

  • Are my earnings, even Federal Work-Study (FWS), taxable?

  • Can I work off campus?

The Bennington Card

The Bennington Card is the official identification card of Bennington College. Issued to all members of the College community, it is required for identification, access to essential campus services, and offers a convenient prepaid spending account for making cashless purchases around campus. To access your account, go to the cardholder account center.

Bennington Card

  • Campus services access

  • Participating locations to make cashless purchases

  • Adding funds

  • Declining balance feature

  • Change to billing options for campus services

  • Other account information