Your campus email address is the primary way we communicate with you, so please check it often.


Curriculum and Registration

The up-to-date spring curriculum is available online. Please note some time and schedule changes in the updates section.

You may also review your course schedule for the spring term online, using student online tools. Log in using your Bennington webmail username and password and then select “Student Schedule.” Make sure the courses listed are those you intend to take. Also, prior to the first day of classes (February 18), please check your classroom assignments again in case they have changed.

For those of you who wish to add or drop classes, you may do so starting February 17 during the afternoon advising and registration period in faculty offices, 2:00–5:00 pm; the relevant forms will be available in the Dean’s Office the morning of February 17. If you were placed on a waitlist for a class, please contact the instructor to inquire as to the status of the waitlist. If you are interested in adding a course that requires an audition (an instrumental course, for instance), please contact the faculty directly to arrange an audition time.

You may add courses through February 28, and drop courses through March 5. March 5 is also the last day you may request a letter grade for one or more of your courses.

Course Materials and Bookstore

A list of materials for all courses, alphabetized by course code, is available online. Each item has a description, ISBN (in most cases), and a URL where the specific item is available for purchase. The list is up-to-date as of late January 2014, and any changes will be communicated directly to students who are registered for the course. If you add a course, we recommend you discuss course materials with the faculty to ensure you know what is required.

Be sure to order your books before the term begins. Although a limited amount of books will be available for each class in the on-campus bookstore, these are primarily intended to facilitate the add/drop process.

If you have any questions about materials for your courses, please direct them to the faculty teaching those courses.

Faculty Comings and Goings: 2014

  • Spring 2014 | Visiting faculty, new and returning: David Bond, anthropology; Elliot Caplan, dance; Warren Cockerham, video; Michael Cohen, conflict resolution; David De Simone, earth science; Beth Goodman, environmental studies; John Gould, literature; Amy Grubb, political science; Camille Guthrie, literature; Stephen Higa, music; Josh Higgason, technology; Dan Hofstadter, literature; Jason Middlebrook, sculpture; Joe Mundt, mathematics; Mina Nishimura, dance; Peter Pagnucco, conflict resolution; Leon Rothenberg, sound; Michael Schweikardt, drama/design; Guy Snover, technology; Carol Stakenas, art history; Kota Yamazaki, dance; Janis Young, drama. You can view their bios here.
  • Spring 2014 | Returning from sabbatical or leave: Nick Brooke, Karen Gover, Mirka Prazak.
  • Spring 2014 | Going on sabbatical or leave: Kitty Brazelton, Marguerite Feitlowitz, Valerie Imbruce, Jon Isherwood, Kirk Jackson, Dana Reitz, Tim Schroeder, Rotimi Suberu.
  • Fall 2014 | Going on sabbatical or leave: Barry Bartlett, Ron Cohen, Marguerite Feitlowitz, Sarah Harris, Kirk Jackson, Sherry Kramer, Rotimi Suberu, Ann Pibal, Bruce Williamson, Kerry Woods.

Grants and Fellowships

Assistant Director for Academic Services Noelle Everett Murphy will be hosting a series of informational sessions on the major national fellowships this term; if you’re at all interested in traveling for further study, applying to graduate school, landing a prestigious fellowship, or seeking funding to pursue independent work or research, you should plan to attend! (These sessions will be particularly applicable to second-term juniors, who may want to apply for postgrad opportunities.) And, as always, feel free to stop by the office (Barn 120A) to talk with Noelle about your interests and goals and the fellowship options that might be a good fit for you.

Study Abroad

  • Students returning from study abroad: A study abroad re-entry meeting will be held on March 6, noon–1:30 pm, Barn 124. We hope you can all attend! As you know, official transcripts are due on February 10. If you are uncertain about the status of your transcript and transfer credit, please contact Krista Raven. Transcripts should be sent to the attention of Krista Raven.
  • Students studying abroad Spring 2014: Once you have settled in and registered for classes abroad, you will need to send your contact information and course registration to Kendra Ericson. Please continue to check your Bennington email address for updates from the College.
  • Students planning to study abroad: If you are thinking about studying abroad, please plan to attend the Study Abroad Information Session on March 7, 1:00–2:00 pm, Barn 124. If you are planning to go abroad for the Fall 2014 term, make an appointment with Kendra Ericson early in the term to begin the application process.

Once the term begins, look for more updates and information in the Dean’s Office Academic Minute.