Community Jigsaw Puzzles, Nerf Guns, and Trombones

Many students describe coming to Bennington as a feeling of "coming home," but the truth is you don't just come home—you actually create home, shaping the community you live in. In this two-minute video tour of Noyes House, one of Bennington's contemporary houses, Rowan Lockery '13 shows off his Nerf Gun collection, the community jigsaw puzzle, and the much-loved upstairs quad.

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Pirate Flags, Tutus, and Fireplaces

Many students describe coming to Bennington as "coming home." But at Bennington, you don't just come home—you create home, shaping the community you live in. In this short video tour of Perkins House, one of Bennington's new houses, Jama McMahon '11 shows off her room, the fireplace in the common area, and the pirate flags, tutus, and other wonderful oddities that decorate the hallways.

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Each house meets every Sunday night for Coffee Hour, a Bennington tradition. Run by House Chairs, Coffee Hour is a time for house communities to gather in their living rooms for academic and administrative updates about the College, to announce upcoming events, to discuss house issues, and to connect before a busy week. Whether there’s a problem with noise or cleaning the kitchen, a discussion about campus issues, or a house dinner to coordinate, Coffee Hour is where it will be addressed. Residents sign up in pairs to cater each week’s meeting for their house, and good Coffee Hour food is a communal bragging right.

Coffee Hour gives everyone a chance to enjoy each other's company in the common room. You may find yourself eating a variety of tasty snacks, participating in a themed Coffee Hour, or concluding the meeting with an activity. House residents have been known to try to outdo each other in presentation and originality.

A few recent Coffee Hour themes, snacks, and activities

  • Themes: science, dress like your roommate, Halloween (all food was orange), Peanuts (the Schultz comic), apple (all snacks were made with apples)
  • Snacks: candy sushi, kabobs, hand-dipped chocolate-covered strawberries, chicken and waffles, pies, crepes, cupcakes, s’mores
  • Activities: Truth or Dare Jenga, reading the announcements aloud in an Irish accent, broom wrestling