Not finding the organization you're looking for? Start your own.

Email Matt Scott for student organizations or
Michiel Considine for athletic clubs.


There are more than 40 groups on campus with a range of interests. Students, with support from the Office of Student Life, take primary responsibility for the life of both new organizations and continuing ones. Not finding one you're looking for? Start your own. Once the new term is fully underway, check the online calendar and College Week for days, times, and contacts.


Clubs and Orgs (academics)

  • Bennington Movement Collective

  • Drama Collective

  • Student Educational Policies Committee (SEPC)

B.A.D. (Bennington Athletic Department)

Clubs and Orgs (bad)

  • Archery Club

  • Basketball

  • Bennington Ultimate Club

  • Cricket

  • Cycling Club

  • Fencing Club

  • Outdoor Club

  • Soccer

  • Swing and Social Dance

  • X-Country Running


Clubs and Orgs (budgetary)

  • Budget and Events Committee (B&EC)

  • Program Activity Council (PAC)

  • Student Endowment for the Arts (SEA)


Clubs and Orgs (community)

  • Bennington Connects

  • Bennington Environmental Action Group

  • Bennington Sustainable Food Project

  • Democracy Matters

  • Interfaith Community

  • Kalopsia

  • Kulanu

  • Latin@

Extra Curricular

Clubs and Orgs (extra-curricular)

  • Animation Club

  • Broadway @ Bennington

  • Classic Film Series

  • Sacred Harp

  • Sailing Club


Clubs and Orgs (literary)

  • Bennington Free Press

  • Plain China

  • The SILO


Clubs and Orgs (wellness)

  • BeWell

  • Bennington Substance Support

  • GSMA

  • SWAG (Sexual Wellness Advocacy Group)


Clubs and Orgs (volunteer)

  • The American Red Cross

  • The Bennington Free Clinic (BFC)

  • Center For Living and Rehab

  • Clown Care Unit


  • Empty Bowls

  • Habitat for Humanity


  • North Bennington Fire Department

  • Pullman Farms

  • Vermonts Arts Exchange