Field Work Term (FWT) is one of the most exciting aspects of a Bennington College education and has been integral to every student’s experience since the College began almost 80 years ago. The purpose of FWT is to turn theory into practice as students explore connections between academic pursuits, personal interests, and the world of work.

Students spend seven weeks off campus each year working in winter internships that expand their studies and enrich their individual and professional development. Every January and February, students offer a wide range of capacities to hundreds of organizations across the country and around the world. Bennington students are creative, innovative, and valuable contributors to an organization—more than 99% of participating employers report being satisfied or extremely satisfied with their Bennington intern.

Here’s How FWT Works

Students are required to:

  • Register all FWT internships with our office by the November 21, 2014 deadline. FWT positions should connect to a student’s educational Plan at Bennington, and to personal and professional goals.
  • Complete at least 210 total hours of work between January 5 and February 20, 2015. Students may split their time between multiple positions as agreed upon by site supervisors.
  • Submit a reflective project following the completion of FWT.

Organizations hosting an FWT student agree to:

  • Conduct an interview and notify the student of selection prior to the registration deadline.
  • Arrange and clarify internship details and expectations with the student.
  • Provide salary, stipend, and/or housing arrangements, if possible. (Unpaid internships need to comply with the Department of Labor's Fair Standards Act.)
  • Offer supervision and mentorship to the intern.
  • Sign a weekly timesheet provided by our office, and complete a brief online student performance evaluation at the end of FWT.

We greatly value our partnerships with more than 500 employers every year. If you wish to offer an FWT position or have already been contacted by a student and would like additional information, please email us or call us at 802-440-4321.