The United States has the highest documented rate of incarceration in the world, a rate that has increased by 500 percent in the past 40 years. In response to this crisis, Bennington College hosted a two-day conference at the The Center for the Advancement of Public Action (CAPA) focused on improving the justice and incarceration system in America. The conference was integrated into CAPA's initiative on incarceration, which includes public lectures, developing curriculum, and opportunities for generating powerful solutions.

Fall 2014 Conference

  • Title | Incarceration in America
  • Dates | October 10–11, 2014
  • Location | Bennington College
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  • Juvenile Detention | Vincent Schiraldi (moderator); Liz Gayne; Bart Lubow; JoAnne Page
  • Keynote Address | Glenn Martin
  • Incarceration, Race, and Class | Eric Cadora (moderator); Todd Clear; Vivian Nixon; Marc Mauer; David Soares
  • Collateral Consequences | Glenn Martin (moderator); Ravi Ragbir; Margaret Colgate Love; Bernard Kerik; Robert Creamer


  • Incarceration and Public Health| Soffiyah Elijah (moderator); Ernest Drucker; Kim Gilhuly; Robert Fullilove; Gabriel Sayegh
  • Alternatives to Incarceration and Re-entry | Annabel Davis-Goff (moderator); George McDonald; Rita Zimmer; JoAnne Page; Elizabeth Gaynes
  • A Vision for the Future | Gabriel Sayegh (moderator); Jonathan Gradess; Glenn Martin; Max Kenner; Marc Levin; Peggy McGarry

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