Outstanding students with financial need

  • George I. Alden Scholarship
  • Frankenthaler-Stickney Scholarship (4-year)
  • Leo and Tekla Gottlieb Scholarship
  • Joseph S. Iseman Scholarship (4-year)
  • Elinor Gottlieb Mannucci ’48 Scholarship
  • Hall Park McCullough & Edith van Benthuysen Scholarship
  • Katharine Evarts Merck '46 Scholarship (4-year)
  • Dale and Deborah Smith Scholarship (4-year)
  • Solon E. Summerfield Foundation Scholarship
  • Joan Maggin Weiner ’52 Scholarship

Outstanding students from specific regions or with specific backgrounds

  • George Adams Ellis Scholarships (Vermont)
  • Holme-Borden Scholarship (4-year for a Czech Republic citizen)
  • Island Fund Scholarship (New York City)
  • Agnes M. Lindsay Trust Scholarships (rural New England)
  • Suzanne Snowden ’53 Scholarship (female student)

Field Work Term Scholarship

  • Kamal Shaikh ’02 Memorial Scholarship (international student)
  • Robby Gary Miller ’86
  • Emily Kassier 14’ Scholarship (outstanding student studying education or teaching)
  • Robert Gary Miller ’86 Field Work Term Scholarship (outstanding social science students)
  • TELOS Public Action Grant (outstanding students interning at a non-profit focused public action)

Outstanding work in a discipline


  • Leonora Harris Dance Scholarship
  • Beryl Martin ’85 Memorial Scholarship


  • Rosalie Gittings Drexel ’47 Scholarship (poetry)
  • Wallace Fowlie Scholarship (French literature)


  • John Hendrick ’86 Memorial Commission Award (graduate student composers)
  • Tucker Scholarship (junior or senior)

Performing arts

  • Hoffberger-Rosenberg Scholarship
  • Libby Zion ’87 Scholarship

Social sciences

  • James Gordon Schnell Memorial Scholarship (social science)
  • E. Ginoris Vizcarra ’54 Scholarship (social science)


  • Thayer A. Peck Memorial Scholarship

Visual arts

  • Elizabeth Reed Keller ’38 Scholarship (painting)
  • Sandra Kesselman Slotnik ’61 Scholarship
  • Peter Thompson Scholarship (male junior or senior)
  • Jules Olitski Scholarship (4-year)

Multiple focuses

  • 1970's Alumni Scholarship (interdisciplinary)
  • Catharine Osgood Foster Scholarship (literature or social science)
  • Miriam Lampke Petrie Scholarship (photography, visual arts, writing, or literature)
  • Judith Schneider ’61 Scholarship (science or math)
  • Lois Schulman Chazen Arts and Literature Scholarship