“Bennington changed me forever. I want Bennington to continue to have that kind of effect on others. That is why I give every year.”

— Julie Moore ’08


  • Therapist, Northeast Community Center for Mental Health, Philadelphia, PA
  • Recent graduate and self-described “proud power nerd”
  • Bennington Fund Alumni Volunteer
  • Philanthropist

While she was a student at Bennington, Julie Moore took a walk early each morning. She roamed all over campus, arriving at breakfast feeling energized and ready to start her day. “To me, Bennington is home—my other home. I feel at ease with my environment there and in love with the natural country and spacious beauty of my surroundings. The College is so full of unique people and a freedom of character. There is a development of mind that occurs there that I have not found anywhere else.”

Julie made her first gift to Bennington even before she graduated—as part of the senior class gift—and has contributed to the Bennington Fund every year since. “Even with the extraordinarily generous grants afforded to me, in my time as a student I was very strapped for funds. As alumni, we can provide a stable and plentiful source of funding so that current students can partake in all aspects of Bennington.”

It’s commitment like Julie’s that helps ensure that Bennington students do not have to sacrifice the quality and originality of their experience simply because they lack money. Now living in Philadelphia and working as a therapist, Julie likes to return to campus each year.

“Bennington changed me forever. I want Bennington to continue to have that kind of an effect on others. That is why I give to Bennington every year.”

Large or small, your gift to Bennington makes you a philanthropist. Learn more about The Bennington Fund or Student Gift. Questions? Call 800-598-2979 or email Cindy Luce.