Field Work Term and Career Development
One College Drive
Bennington, Vermont 05201

Finding a job or even figuring out what kind of job to look for can be daunting and overwhelming. Bennington’s Field Work Term and Career Development Office offers alumni and students one-on-one career planning guidance to assist in this process. Career counseling can help you identify a direction (or more than one!) for exploration, and help break down the search process into smaller, more bite-size steps. This is the case whether you are a new grad or a career changer, considering relocation, or re-entering the workforce after some time away.

Besides direction and goal identification, a counselor can help identify your skills and strengths and how best to present them to prospective employers. We can help you write a strong resume and cover letter to increase your chances of getting an interview. And speaking of interviews—practice makes perfect. We can help you plan responses to the tough questions that can come up, give you strategies for salary negotiation, and even conduct a mock interview with you before the real thing.

Mentor Program

A mentor can be a tremendously valuable resource by advising mentees on life after Bennington, building a professional network, and navigating a career change. We are in the process of relaunching the Alumni Mentoring Program. Please check back soon for more information.