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For many students, the amount their family is asked to contribute toward the cost of a Bennington education is less than the College's full charges. This may be because they receive a merit scholarship from the College or another outside source; because their family qualifies for need-based aid such as Bennington grants, federal work study, or federal student loans; or because of a combination of these. With the Net Price Calculator, you can calculate a family contribution figure—what your family might be asked to contribute to attend Bennington College for one year—based on the cost of attendance and the median scholarship and grant awarded to first-year students at Bennington in 2011–2012.

Please keep in mind that this calculation is an imperfect estimate—it does not account for the varying amounts of merit scholarships awarded, outside scholarships you might have received, or the federal aid for which your family may qualify. Typically, the contribution for a family that qualifies for federal student aid is reduced by $5,500 in student loans and up to $2,300 in work-study. Some families also qualify for a federal parent loan, which can cover the balance of their contribution.

Note: This calculator does not function well on mobile devices—we recommend using a desktop or laptop computer. Thank you.