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Application Deadlines | Financial Aid Deadlines

Early Decision

Bennington College offers two Early Decision plans: Early Decision I and Early Decision II. By applying Early Decision, students confirm that Bennington is their first choice and, upon admission to the College, are required to matriculate at Bennington and withdraw applications at other institutions. Applicants who are not admitted early may be reconsidered for Regular Decision. ED I applications are due November 15; ED II applications are due January 15.

Early Action

Bennington College offers an Early Action plan. Students who know early that they would like to apply to Bennington can submit their application by December 1 and will receive notification of admission and financial aid by February 1. The Early Action program is nonbinding and students are free to apply to other Early or Regular Decision programs if they wish. Applicants admitted under Early Action have until May 1 to accept their offer of admission. Applicants who are not admitted under Early Action may be reconsidered for Regular Decision.