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Modules offer working professionals the possibility to develop linguistic and/or pedagogical skills with a focus on a specific theme. They are typically offered on weekends (Friday, 5:00 pm–Sunday, noon). Lodging and food are provided.

Sample modules

  • Films as textbooks
  • Borges
  • A la recherche du temps perdu
  • Transcending borders with technology
  • La photographie de guerre dans la classe de français
  • El silencio y la voz
  • Cook, Eat, and Speak
  • La Résistance
  • Manual de zoología fantástica
  • Chocolat
  • Developing bilingual immersion programs

Upcoming offerings

The Graduate Language School (GLS) offers a weekend intensive language workshop in French OR Spanish:

Le silence et la voix / El silencio y la voz

  • June 27–29, 2014 (Friday 5:00 pm to Sunday noon)
  • $750 (including meals, lodging, and instruction)
  • $550 (including meals and instruction)

This workshop is designed for intermediate to advanced speakers who want to explore cultural issues while polishing their language skills. During the Sunday workshop, teachers may work on pedagogical projects. For more information and to register.