We Work Here (column 1)

  • Working with Unknowns

    The cofounder of the Boston Mayor’s Office for New Urban Mechanics says a Bennington intern stunned his team. Now they’re calling for more.

  • Looking for Experience

    Harvard’s Warneken Lab offers 11 highly sought-after internships every semester. In one year, Bennington students secured two.

  • Facts Are Not Enough

    The importance of merging classroom philosophy and world reality.

  • Exceeding the Sum of Your Parts

    A student's gallery of still footage from old home movies wins praise from the world’s most popular culture blog.

We Work Here (column 2)

  • The (Good) Business Plan

    A Bennington junior pitches value chain efficiency ideas to one of the world's largest microfinance organizations—and lands a job he helped to shape.

  • Finding Focus

    How one student has used Field Work Term to amass more experience than most graduate students in the field of astronomy.

  • Getting to Yes

    Where do you turn when launching your own venture? To your network.

  • Taking Charge, Changing Minds

    One student’s work explores the process of changing minds and changing systems.

We Work Here (column 3)

  • Making a Believer

    The VP and editorial director of This I Believe shares what compelled him to take on a Bennington student as an intern, and why he’d do it again.

  • A Merger (of sorts)

    Through an emerging partnership with a forward-thinking, international corporation, Bennington students are influencing business—and vice-versa.

  • Changing Course

    How a single Field Work Term internship changed everything.

  • Starting Somewhere

    There’s something to be said for starting small in big places. These Bennington students prove it.