FWT Scrapbook (column 1)

  • *Stills

    Interning with filmmaker Rick Prelinger, Emma Hurst '14 reviewed thousands of home movies from the 1920s through the 1970s for Prelinger’s upcoming film, No More Road Trips. She then culled from the footage a stunning collection of video stills, which she can be found on her blog, *Stills.

  • ABODe of the Message

    Casey Wait '14's bedside table at the Abode of the Message is the picture of serenity. Casey did housekeeping at the Sufi retreat center in exchange for room and board, 10 hours a week of spiritual guidance, and free classes on Sufism. More.

  • Investigating Vermont's Groundwater

    Nora LaCasse '13's independent study project investigated the cause of natural arsenic contamination in Vermont’s groundwater. Parts of the Taconic Mountains of Vermont have naturally elevated levels of arsenic in groundwater, which is a significant public health concern. Read more.

  • Diving In

    Students from Betsy Sherman's Diversity of Coral Reef Animals course joined her in Grand Cayman to participate in an international research effort tracking the impact of various environmental assaults on coral reef biology. Watch.

  • This I Believe: The peace corps

    While working for This I Believe in Louisville, KY, Jason Moon '13 curated this series of essays about lessons learned from time spent in the service of others.

  • Dancing with Merce

    Theo Koppel '12 pursued his dream of dancing with the Merce Cunningham Company before they disbanded in March. “Everything excited me,” he said. “The pattern on the floor, the beading on the elevators, the views—to know that I was seeing what Merce had seen, to know that I was dancing where Merce had danced. I took nothing for granted." Theo shares more from his experience here.

  • High Points

    Student blogger Janiele Shirley ’12 e-mailed a few of her friends to see how their FWTs had been going. For Eissa Saeed ’12, who was working for Paper Magazine on 5th Avenue in New York, one high point was the daily view. Read more responses here.

FWT Scrapbook (column 2)

  • Star Search

    Budding astronomer Rebecca Nakaba '13 spent FWT looking at star formation rates in nearby galaxies. And she did it right here on campus, at the College’s Stickney Observatory. More.

  • Fiber Arts in Bolivia

    Selina Petschek '15 taught crocheting and knitting in rural Bolivia, studied with a master weaver, and helped Quechua women to market their weavings as a means of generating income. Read more here and here.

  • Butterfly Farming in Ecuador

    Emily Mikucki '13 worked with an eco-tourism lodge in the cloud forests near Nanegal, Ecuador, to help build a butterfly farm. Emily has been interested in lepidopterans (moths and butterflies) for years, and hopes to turn that interest into a career as a conservation biologist. Read more.

  • Setting the Standards

    Maliha Ali '14 shared a picture of her desk at the educational non-profit Student Achievement Partners, where she collected and analyzed data from across the country to aid in the implementation of the new Common Core State Standards.

  • Life Over Jets

    While interning in his native Boston at Rudament Music Company, hip hop artist Alex Mendez '14 (a.k.a. "Floetic") was able to record his first single, "Floetic Jetlife," off of his mixtape album Life Over Jets. The song has since been played on Boston-area radio stations including Big City 101.3 and Touch 106.1. Listen here.

  • Happy Spaces

    Caseysimone Cooper '14 collaborated with CAPA Fellow Gong Szeto on the Happy Spaces Project, which attempts to understand how physical environment affects people’s happiness. Cooper has been collecting submissions of spaces from around the world, and hopes that her project will serve as a toolkit for architects, designers, and social scientists. Check out her website.

  • 10 commandments of working with human iPS cultures

    Lauren Bertin '12 worked at the Salk Institute, a biological research institute in La Jolla, CA, where she studied human tissue culture cells and was reminded daily of these important rules (they were posted in the lab).

  • Ben's Space

    Check out the cameo by Ben Broderick Phillips '13 in this BBC News video (28 second mark) about his FWT site, Genspace, a first-of-its-kind community biology lab in Brooklyn, NY. More about Ben's experience here.

FWT Scrapbook (column 3)

  • Democratizing Computing

    Pratham Joshi '13 and Ben Broderick Phillips '13 worked as programmers for Nebula, a tech startup launched by NASA’s former chief technology officer, the founder of Netscape, and the founder of OpenStack. The company hopes to ignite a new era of global innovation by democratizing large scale computing. Read more.

  • 'To Bring Your Mind Home'

    Laura Ammons '15 went to Nepal with the Himalayan Children's Fund, which provides Tibetan and Buddhist children support for education, food, clothing, medicine, and other needs, while helping to preserve their culture heritage. Look.

  • Woodworking in Alaska

    Student blogger Glennis Henderson ’15 checked in from her FWT location in Alaska, where she was honing her woodworking skills with a local furniture maker. “So far we’ve made seven night tables, two coffee tables, four chairs, and are working on two handrails,” she wrote. Read more.

  • How to Roll Cut a Carrot

    One of the many techniques that Kate Davis '14 learned from her Field Work Term mentor, Amy Chaplin, a renowned vegetarian chef in New York City. Learn it here.

  • Kattaikkuttu

    Ezra Lowery ’13 taught English at a residential theater school in southern India, where he became immersed in a rare performance art known as Kattaikkuttu. Read more.

  • Line of Sun

    Riley Skinner '13 wrote and recorded 15 songs in 7 weeks, which she'll be re-recording over the summer for an album. Here's one of them.

  • Small Town, high Art

    "There's more to the world of art than the big cities," says Leah Dagen '13, who worked at an art museum in Evansville, Indiana. Read more.

  • Words by Holly

    Holly Camisa '13 was able to publish some work of her own while interning at the literary journal nthWord. Take a look.