Each winter, Bennington students leave campus to spend January and February exploring their academic interests in the world beyond the College. This seven-week winter term, called Field Work Term (FWT), has been integral to a Bennington education throughout its 80-year history. Through full-time work experiences, students gain confidence and practical knowledge in their chosen fields. Bennington students are uniquely prepared for professional careers, graduating with a diploma in one hand and a résumé in the other.

Bennington students are creative and pragmatic thinkers who approach FWT with a commitment to work. The winter internship is designed to deepen and expand students’ personal, professional, and academic pursuits. Last year, more than 900 organizations worldwide volunteered to host a Bennington student.

If you think you might be interested in working with a Bennington student this winter, please feel free to read more about FWT requirements, contact us with questions, or submit a job posting.