Mediation works. A high percentage of matters submitted to mediation result in agreements that resolve disputes in whole or in part. Also, people tend to carry out agreements they make in mediation at a higher rate than decisions imposed upon them by a third party decision maker such as a judge.

It is your process. Rather than turning the matter over to a judge to decide or just leaving the conflict to fester, mediation provides the opportunity to actively participate in the process of resolving dispute, where you retain decision-making control over the outcome. You decide if and how you will participate and whether an agreement will be reached.

People listen in mediation. Parties are provided with the time and space to listen to each other and be heard in ways that often do not occur outside of mediation. Frequently, in the controlled and constructive environment of mediation, folks hear things that they hadn’t before; and it is often these new understandings that pave the way to resolution and agreement.

It is confidential. Everyone involved in mediation agrees to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of what is said in mediation. This helps parties to discuss personal matters openly and candidly in the pursuit of resolving the dispute, without the concern that someone will be discussing their private business outside of mediation.

It reduces the stress of conflict. Going to court can be combative, time consuming, and stressful. This is the nature of an adversarial process. Mediation is a collaborative process guided by trained mediators:  the focus is on discussion, negotiation, and problem solving. As a result, the vast majority of participants find the experience much less stressful than litigation.

Court is still an option. You don’t lose any of your legal rights by trying mediation. If you fail to reach agreement at mediation, you may pursue any legal rights you may have, including a lawsuit in court.

It is fast and free. BCMC provides mediation services for qualifying individuals and matters at no cost to the parties. Most mediations are scheduled within two to three weeks time.