The list below outlines some of the types of disputes mediated by the Bennington College Mediation Clinic (BCMC). If you have questions as to whether a conflict or dispute might be eligible for mediation at BCMC, please contact us at 802-440-4344 or

Community. Disputes among neighbors and community members involving such things as noise, pets, property lines, fences, parking, trees, common driveways, etc.

Landlord/Tenant. Disputes related to security deposits, lease issues, repairs, rent increases, terminations of tenancy, etc.

Individual. Disagreements among friends, family members, roommates, volunteers, etc.

Consumer. Disputes involving merchants, mechanics, contractors, and other service providers.

Student. Conflicts between Bennington College students involving the variety of issues that may arise in any student community. 

Victim/Offender. Specialized mediation involving crime victims and offenders to share perspectives and/or discuss restitution.

Please note: BCMC does NOT handle Family Court matters such as divorce and child custody.