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Community Mediation

The mission of the Bennington College Mediation Clinic (BCMC) is to provide free conflict resolution services to benefit the people and communities of greater Bennington County and Southern Vermont. BCMC seeks to facilitate and promote the use of mediation for peaceful and productive dispute resolution. BCMC creates access to conflict resolution services for low income and economically disadvantaged persons; and also serves disputes that will not otherwise be mediated due to genuine impediments to participation, including cost.

BCMC educates Bennington College students in the nature of conflict and effective resolution techniques through observation and participation in the mediation of real world contested disputes. These skills foster essential capacity for constructively engaging divergent perspectives and productively addressing society's critical challenges.

Student Mediation

BCMC also serves the College community providing opportunities for students to address conflicts with other students using the mediation process. BCMC works closely with the Office of Student Life to ensure student conflicts are addressed as productively and safely as possible. 

Contact: 802-440-4344,